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“…Having just released their brand new single, Day Too Long, they are riding a wave of incredible reviews and publicity for their particularly unique contribution to the New Orleans music scene. This band provides a pre-party soundtrack to any evening. It is that first sip of a cold drink, that first step onto the dance floor and the pure excitement of the entire evening ahead of you. With a tasty blend of New Orleans funk, Calypso, and Soca beats from Trinidad to Ska and Reggae from Jamaica. Think pop/rock/island Talking Heads, early No Doubt and Vampire Weekend. Daria & the Hip Drops are adding the newest
dimension to New Orleans music in the oldest of ways by bringing their musical ingredients to the Northernmost Caribbean city all while soaking up the swamp sounds of this town.
The band is built around singer-songwriter and steel drum player, Daria Dzurik and bass guitarist, arranger, Graham Robinson, along with a guitarist and drummer. They perform with intensity and elation that inspires one to move your body. There are no bad days while listening to Daria & the Hip Drops. I was fortunate enough to be present as they crafted a future New Orleans Carnival classic, blending the road songs of Trinidad with the Sunday second-line culture of New Orleans. The band has been playing in New Orleans since 2010 and has released two albums along with their latest single. Daria says that having her creations come alive onstage and watching the audience fall in love with the songs are her biggest joy.”


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