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We’re at Tipitina’s last Free Fridays of the season Tonight with Cowboy Mouth. Can’t make the show in person? Live stream it here!


Go check out the newest release of Boog City Magazine, with music reviews by Todd Cirillo! Read what he had to say about us on page 43!

“…Having just released their brand new single, Day Too Long, they are riding a wave of incredible reviews and publicity for their particularly unique contribution to the New Orleans music scene. This band provides a pre-party soundtrack to any evening. It is that first sip of a cold drink, that first step onto the dance floor and the pure excitement of the entire evening ahead of you. With a tasty blend of New Orleans funk, Calypso, and Soca beats from Trinidad to Ska and Reggae from Jamaica. Think pop/rock/island Talking Heads, early No Doubt and Vampire Weekend. Daria & the Hip Drops are adding the newest
dimension to New Orleans music in the oldest of ways by bringing their musical ingredients to the Northernmost Caribbean city all while soaking up the swamp sounds of this town.
The band is built around singer-songwriter and steel drum player, Daria Dzurik and bass guitarist, arranger, Graham Robinson, along with a guitarist and drummer. They perform with intensity and elation that inspires one to move your body. There are no bad days while listening to Daria & the Hip Drops. I was fortunate enough to be present as they crafted a future New Orleans Carnival classic, blending the road songs of Trinidad with the Sunday second-line culture of New Orleans. The band has been playing in New Orleans since 2010 and has released two albums along with their latest single. Daria says that having her creations come alive onstage and watching the audience fall in love with the songs are her biggest joy.”


WWL Interview

Did you make it up in time for The Morning Show on WWL TV with Sheba Turk?! Catch the interview here.

New Tune New Vid!

Thanks Offbeat Magazine for premiering our newest single and music video “Day Too Long”. See the whole article here!

“With an original mixture of alternative pop, funk and caribbean influence, Daria & The Hip Drops have been gaining recognition for some time now. Today (July 9), the band is premiering the music video for “Day Too Long,” reminding everyone of their influences and what their style means for New Orleans music.

“Lively, upbeat and energetic are a few words that I would use to describe the band’s sound,” said the band’s effervescent frontwoman, vocalist, pannist and keyboardist Daria Dzurik. “Genres like calypso and funk are a big influence in our playing and songwriting, but we like to record more true to traditional rock and pop. I love reggae, rocksteady, soca, dancehall, calypso and ska, but this is not that. I don’t know that I could even pull that off. But I listen to one of those genres everyday, so I think bits of that come through when putting songs together, and of course the fact that steel pan is my main instrument swings the sound a certain way.”

Along with a bricolage sound constructed from myriad surrounding styles, Daria & The Hip Drops wear their indebtedness to New Orleans funk on their sleeves–or their name, rather. Naming themselves after the “Hip Drop” song and dance, which was created by the New Orleans-based funk band The Explosions in the ’60s, Daria & The Hip Drops hope to highlight the mix of funk and Caribbean sounds found in New Orleans.

The video for “Day Too Long” depicts the band having fun at Courtyard Brewery–dancing on an old car, playing dominoes and embodying their own brand of carefree funk/pop. “I wrote the lyrical theme about challenges being faced in everyday life, but having song and power of singing together as a tool of unity to try and power through tough times,” explained Dzurik. “Hence our lyrics: If your day seems too long, sing, sing a song with me. I, I believe that you will see along, they try and keep you down, but they can’t take your song.”

New Music Monday

Catch our Newest song and video of “FIRE” being performed LIVE at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA

First Show of 2019

Come see us with DJ Soul Sister Saturday January 5th at Three Keys at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans! Start 2019 off the Right way!


I love Green Day. I think to myself sometimes, “What would Green Day do?” (#wwgdd) or “How would Billlie Joe handle this?” #wwbjd

After listening to one of our other fave’s (The Slackers) cover “Attitude” by The Misfits, we were inspired to give Welcome to Paradise some of our vibes. Stream our version here…video to follow!

Playing for Change

Daria & Graham will be playing as a duo at this year’s Playing for Change in New Orleans at Nola Brewery from noon-6pm. Check out more information on the show at project here:

Playing For Change Day New Orleans



This Summer,  we went into the camp Upturn Arts to present a Masterclass on steel pan, album artwork and learning to ROCK! Supporting Upturn Arts means supporting arts in the Nola community!

Daria & The Hip Drops has worked with us for the last few years as both a teaching artist and a guest artist through the Positive Vibrations Foundation Master Artist Series. Help them #TurnUpForUpturn in the final 36 hours of Double UP! #20Kin10Days. We are so close to reaching our goal which will be matched by Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust and the Freeman Challenges. #ArtsForAll

Posted by Upturn Arts on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pan Podium Magazine

Have you seen the most recent issue of Pan Podium Magazine?! Check out the piece on us on page 30!